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£25,000 Grant to Small Businesses

Simply Business are offering start-ups and pre-established small businesses a £25,000 grant to one lucky entrepreneur who is able to impress their industry judging panel.

The judges would like to hear your chain of events leading to your business, trials, triumphs inspirations and anything else in between that may be relevant.

They want to know what your dream is surrounding your business, what sort of impact you think it will have and internally and externally after you’ve received the £25,000 business boost grant. For example, from your current one year plan, what sort of difference can this grant make?

How does your business contribute positively to society? There are a number of ways a business can be a force of good, whether that’s diversity and inclusion in your field or community or wider social impact around you. These are all very important areas to consider.

Innovation will always present differently depending on the industry, whether that’s streamlined technology or a new fresh approach to an already existing problem. What makes you, your business and your approach differ from others? What do you have that your competitors may lack?

Lastly a comprehensive plan, perhaps even a cash-forecast on how you intend to use the £25,000 business boost and how it'll help you reach your goals effectively.

Important Dates:

15th June – Applications Open

17th August – Entry Close Date

14th September – Announcement of #BusinessBoost shortlist

14th October – Business Bosst 2022 winner announced

For more information, please find link attached:



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