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Fraudulence and Misuse of Registered offices for Businesses

Criminals are using the addresses of legitimate businesses like yours to make their fraudulent activity look authentic, a new practice that is referred to “cuckooing”

To identify whether you are a victim of this crime and whether your address has been misused is it recommended to go the companies house website and input your businesses postcode, which will bring up the names of all names registered at the address. (Filter specially for “companies”)

If you see any companies other than your own using your address as a registered office, and do not recognise the name or do not believe it is because of a name change or the registration of a new subsidiary of an existing client, you should have the record changed. If there are contact details for your company besides the address, contact the addressee requesting that they change their registered address to the correct one.

If nothing comes out of this, contact Companies House to ask for the address to be changed.

Attached is the relevant link to do this:

If you are aware or suspect money laundering or terrorist financing activity you should make a SAR using any relevant glossary codes.

Further information can be found here:



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