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Import Controls To Help Ease Cost Of Living

Remaining import controls on EU goods meant to be introduced in July will has been discontinued, the government has announced.

The government have judged not to impose new administrative requirements on business in the recent circumstances of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine due to rising energy costs which have affected supply chains just after the pandemic., who has passed on higher costs to consumers currently facing pressure on their finances.

This change is expected to save British importers at least £1 billion in annual costs.

It is now being reviewed how to implement these remaining controls in an improved way. The new Operating Model will constructed on a new assessment of risk and will utilise data and technology. These will be published in the Autumn and new controls regime which will come into force at the end of 2023.

This will build on existing work as part of the 2025 Border Strategy, including on the UK Single Trade Window – a digital platform that will assist traders with more moved goods globally. The aim is to create a new digital border, where technologies and real-time data will help enable smooth trade.

Controls from 202 on the highest risk imports of animals, animal products, plants and plant products will resume alongside customs controls which have already been introduced.



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