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New Energy bills support for Businesses proposed by Government

Support for the energy bills crisis has been announced by the government and will be offered to businesses in England, Scotland and Wales to tackle the financial setback imposed on businesses.

Early last month the government announced household energy bills will be capped at 2500 a year. It has been since confirmed that energy prices for businesses will be capped at the same price per unit. This scheme is to set to last for six months, following this period it was declared that there will be ongoing and new focused support which will be introduced for industries most in peril. A review will be done to discern these industries is said to be completed in three months.

Business Secretary Jacob Ress Mogg announced the Government's Energy Bill Relief Scheme which set out the details of support for business. This grants a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices from the government, for all UK businesses for a six-month period from 1st October. Businesses are not required to contact suppliers as the discount will automatically be applied to their bills.

The Energy Bill Relied Scheme unfortunately only applies to businesses in Great Britain only, however the government has announced that a separate Northern Ireland scheme will be declared and set in motion in the future.



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