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New FreeAgent payroll corrections live

Corrections for payroll are now live for all FreeAgent users. Errors discovered in a previous tax year you can now simply record this correction without leaving FreeAgent. Making corrections in FreeAgent

You can rectify any errors when the tax year has ended, from April 19th onwards. There will then be an option available to you that will say “Make Corrections” at the top right of the payroll webpage.

FreeAgent advises saving a copy of the incorrect payslip(s) as you will not be able to recover the payslip with any mistakes once the correction has been reported.

Submitted corrections can be filed directly to HMRC without leaving FreeAgent.

It is also recommended that you send any affected employees an updated payslip, an updated P60 and contact HMRC to confirm how to deal with any overpaid or underpaid taxes.



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